Granite Male Enhancement However, for a period of about 3 weeks, when the games are going on, athletes not only focus on winning. Competition is their priority, but there will always be time for sex. Each Olympic village has an incredibly large supply of ... condoms. Granite Male Enhancement so far it has never happened that any quantity remained after the sporting event. Moreover, in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, 70,000 condoms turned out to be insufficient Granite Male Enhancement the organizers had to make up their stocks. The Olympics even has its official sponsor in the form of one of the condom companies. Apparently, athletes are not so promiscuous Granite Male Enhancement it is not always about sex in itself. Allegedly, there is a tradition to take tons of erasers home with you as a souvenir from the Games. After subsequent competitions or individual competitions, the representatives have time for themselves - the so-called Days of glory, during which they party. After a few drinks, anything can happen, so the organizers also took care of this sphere. They explain it with simple care for the safety of people participating in the games. They try to prevent athletes from getting venereal disease or unplanned pregnancy.